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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject [Axis2] Axis2 packaging
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 02:11:02 GMT
Hi all,

We all know that we have a small problem with our packaging of distros.
We were telling lot of things about this here and there, but no solid
solution so far.
So I'd like to propose two things, for you to start with. Do not take
these hard and these are just ideas came to my mind which are open to
discussion ( Opening up a defensive port  ;-) )

1. Shall we not ship modules other than WS-A with Axis2 distros. What I
would like to see is, we host our module download page with version
numbers as Sanjiva proposing in the other thread. And module authors are
responsible for maintaining compatible versions. For example, Security
or Sandesha people can announce their own versions or releases with the
compatible Axis2 versions.
So the proposal is not to ship modules other than WS-A with Axis2 and
make the compatible versions downloadable.

2. Shall we make our Axis2.war file a separate download, and not putting
it in dist-bin ? Some people may need only the war file and they can
download it without downloading the whole dist-bin.

One of the things I try to address here is to remove the un-necessary
repetition of some jars. For example, the same jar was appearing in more
than 3 places some times.

So what do you think about these two ideas and what are the other things
you think suitable for us ?

I hope this will not be another never ending no solution thread ;-) .

-- Chinthaka

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