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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] are Axis1 and Axis2 going to coexist ?
Date Sat, 15 Oct 2005 16:08:42 GMT
local-underground wrote:
> Makes sense thanks.
> I am just really looking forward to the code generator succesfully spitting out Java
> Beans with Axis2 ;)
> With one of my SOAP projects, I decided I am not going to integrate into Axis2 until
> can get Java Beans generated from my WSDL.  There are just too many complex types to
> attempt to go in an create elements with attributes, nesting, etc.  If WSDL changes,
> would be really hosed recreating beans by hand.
> In my personal opinion, Java Bean generation is essential.  There are many of us out
> there that have depended on abstracting from SOAP details even from manupulating XML
> the request.  To integrate into Axis2, folks are not going to want to take on too much
> a burden getting up to speed with OM, although it appears that can be avoided entirely.

XML beans does abstract away a lot of the document, while still leaving 
you with a lossless mapping to and from XML. There are some of us 
(myself included) who believe that the JAXRPC mapping system has mislead 
people into using SOAP in a flawed way, because of the fundamental 
mismatch between XSD-typed-SOAP-Messages and java object graphs.

One problem with classic JAXRPC and indeed classic SOAP is section-5 
encoding. It's soap specific, not as powerful as XSD (for better or 
worse), but has some features (references) that make it hard to map 
directly to the XSD typesystem. Maybe we need something like XmlBeans 
for rpc/enc datatypes, say Section5Beans, which is somehow independent 
of the SOAP stack itself.


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