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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject [axis2] Re: Objective for Simple Schema Compiler
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2005 15:07:15 GMT
(adding [axis2] prefix)

> Am talking about all 5 interop tests
> ( BUT
> only those that are rpc/lit or doc/lit.

I disagree, dims - I think we should do them all including RPC/enc 
(RPC/enc is a goal for 1.0).  There is already some support for SOAP 
encoding (1.1 and 1.2) in the databinding stuff I started working on, 
and it should work fine.  Arrays will still need some tweaking, but 
multirefs are already working.

What we need is simply to tie the XMLSchema model into generated classes 
which supply TypeDesc metadata (org.apache.axis2.databinding.metadata), 
then make sure to use the RPCInOutMessageReceiver in ..axis2.rpc.

> Problems:
> #1) Even relatively small schemas generates tons of code with
> XMLBeans. See Simon's numbers for
> #2) Lot of people want to use simple pojo's for better integration
> with their existing code otherwise they will have to write bridge
> classes between the xmlbeans classes and their code


On a somewhat related note - what do people think about making the 
default databinding "none" instead of XMLBeans?  In other words, when 
you point WSDL2Java at a WSDL, it should generate stubs by default that 
simply take/return OMElements.  If you want databinding at all, you set 
up an option (command line, config file in current dir, config file in 
home dir) to do it.


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