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From "Kurt Olsen" <>
Subject I give up
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2005 00:24:36 GMT
Folks, I hate to say it but I had to ditch axis. Way too difficult. And we
won't be using it in the future.


Our application has approx 30 vendors we communicate with using SOAP. 

Approx 25 of them are implemented by simply creating strings and firing them
off, then parsing out the reply. 

Primitive but fairly easy to do. 


The other 5 used axis. At the moment we're using the ColdFusion server. When
we upgraded to java 5 and coldfusion mx7 our axis based connectors broke.

It took approximately 2 weeks to diagnose and 'solve' the problem. Axis used
commons-logging, and commons-logging broke. That required fairly

major surgery to the coldfusion classpath. Pieces of commons-logging we're
coming in off of different classloaders.


So technically speaking, commons-logging broke -  not axis but...since axis
brought the flaw to life, and has given us grief (probably the CF
integration)  in the past, it is axis that got the bad reputation due to the
fact that it was at the top of the food chain. The two weeks solving this
problem wasn't totally wasted because it exposed a fairly large flaw in the
overall architecture.


After getting the existing connectors to work again, I had to turn my
attention to the next connector in the pipeline - eBay via Soap..

Only one problem - eBay's sdk is written against java 1.4 and axis 1.1 -
while we upgraded to java 5 and axis 1.2

After another week of trying various 'workarounds' etc I was forced to give
up and will have to communicate with eBay using the "create strings"


Bottom line is that the overall cost of the 'SOAP' system and it's co-horts
in crime is un-managable given our quarterly release cycle.

I'm disappointed that after all that effor to modernize - the goal really
wasn't accomplished.


I fully understand the various issues involved, most of which aren't really
axis's fault but - any way I slice it this entire exercise felt exactly like
trying to use the J2EE 1.3/1.4 ejb specifications. Big, confusing, hard to
use etc...And I predict will eventually be abandoned (or at least buried
beneath a convienence API). 


This is just one co's experience of course but I submit to you that as you
continue your development you might want to consider the overall 'cost' that
SOAP and it's tools are exacting on the community. This simply has to get
easier because as it stands both the other developers (who watched over my
shoulder so to speak) and myself have simply given up on an 'easy' tool fix.
Our experience is that SOAP is a diaster and costing virtually everyone in
corporate programming a lot of money and lost sleep..


Thanks for listening, and please remember that I'm taking the time to write
this not to complain (well, maybe a little) but to provide feedback from the



Kurt Olsen




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