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From local-underground <>
Subject [Axis2] Code generation question
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2005 00:57:51 GMT
I would have thought the Axis2 Code generation would have plugged in code for my method
calls that would show passing parameters if the methods take parameters.  The online docs
had me believing the unit tests were ready to test.  But atleast with my code generation,
i was missing any and everything with parameters and SOAP body where the method call

It took me quite along time to figure out how to pass parameters by first setting up a
body and adding params all through OMElement...not to mention getting namespacing correct
with every method/params. This forces the developer to actually know a bit more about
SOAP (regarding namespacing, etc) than with Axis1.

Is there a plan to generate a more complete code with passing of params, namespace setup
etc when generation code for the methods? 

If there is no plan, can some explain why this isnt going to be done?

Or maybe it is actually suppose to generate code for parameters, namespacing, etc, and
some how it is not generationg for me?




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