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From Chris Lott <>
Subject Handler chains do not call init() method?
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2005 21:01:43 GMT

I am working on an alternate transport (not HTTP) to carry SOAP messages.  I'm
following the code in axis-1_2_1/samples/transport/tcp fairly closely.  There,
the class uses a SimpleTargetedChain with a single handler, and
that handler is treated as the pivot.  An instance of TCPSender is supplied as
the handler, which extends BasicHandler, which in turn extends Handler. 
Handler defines an init() method, that (quoting from the Handler javadoc page):

    Init is called when the chain containing this Handler object is

This is all great so far.  I'm writing to say that in my code (in my Sender
class), the init() method is never called.  I looked around, especially in
SimpleTargetedChain, but I cannot find anywhere that invokes the init() method.
   It might have been forgotten?

Please write me back -- I will be happy to open a Jira issue if you say that
this is a bug.

For now, I'm just calling init() myself.  Thanks for listening.


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