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From Prashant Tech <>
Subject [AXIS2] 0.92 changed xmlbeans sts from foo to dynamic?
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2005 21:42:00 GMT
0.92 changed xmlbeans sts from foo to dynamic. Why was this change required?

I have a common schema catalog and a bunch of wsdl files that use the
schemas defined in the schema catalog. We use tibco on server, which
generates client wsdls with schema definitions embedded instead of as import
statements. This cause problems when we try to generate Axis client stubs.
Because xmlbeans is invoked for every wsdl it generates a new sts name
(instead of using "foo" eveytime). That makes my xmlbeans classes, between
two wsdls stubs generation, runs imcomptible. They now have two different
sts names in it.

XFire is attempting for a way to generate stubs from multiple wslds at the
same time. Is something on those lines planned for Axis? That would avoid
sts name conflicts.

Also, xmlbeans has a sfactor tool ( that
"Factors redundant definitions out of a set of schemas and uses imports
instead." wouldn't something like that which works on wsdls be great? I have
25+ wsdls that include the same schema definitions instead of just importing
them. It would be nice to have a tool that refactors and uses import

Is there a way in Axis2 to specify a xmlbeans schema package that is
pregenerated based on schema files (xsd) directly, instead of having it
generated per wsdl file while using wsd2code?

Prashant Rane

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