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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] AxisFault
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 10:11:20 GMT
Eran Chinthaka wrote:
> See here (
> Just added a JIRA to make sure we will keep track of this.
> Thanks Steve for the comments (and for the disappointing blog entry ;-) )

oh dont take it personally.

I quite like one aspect of the design, the interface to get info from 
the fault. I just think we could
  -extend the interface to ask for the entire soap OM if the class will 
provide it (optional? separate interface?)
  -add those other bits of SOAP1.2 faults (actor?)
  -add access to the OM of the details inside the fault
  -get things like stack trace, hostname in there; do it consistent with 
the axis1 namespaces

I'm doing faults in my own code now; I may try and extend Axis to meet 
my needs but am constrained by
  -it wont build on a java1.5 system
  -I dont want to break everything before the next alpha
  -time, so little time

> Steve Loughran wrote:
>> The Axis2 fault is a lot more minimal than the Axis1 one. Is the 
>> reason for this just lack of time/effort, or does it reflect a 
>> different view on how SOAPFaults should be handled?
>> -steve

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