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From Eran Chinthaka <>
Subject [Axis2] Depending on Generated Code
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 01:55:54 GMT
Hi all,

Seems like we have some dependency on generated code by project sources. 
Meaning, for you to compile the code, one has to code gen some classes 
and put that in to the classpath to compile the project code.

This is ok, when you u are using maven. But we write, compile, run, 
debug everything using one of the Java IDEs. (Hope there aren't any one 
in 21st century, who write axis2 code in notepad and use maven to 
compile the code :(). This dependency on code gen classes gives  a 
headache as one need to put the generated classes also in to the 
classpath. The real problem is that whenever there is a change in the 
code gen module, the generated code changes and the IDE complains it 
can't compile.

For the time being this is happening with some of the security scenarios.

I complained abt this ealrier also and this is making me more and more 
frustrated. From last morning, I was trying to debug a service group 
test, but I couldn't do what I wanted, up to now.

Don't we have some other solution for this ?

I have a suggestion for this, but I don't know to which extent this will 
help. Can we create a jar out of the generated and compiled code from 
maven and then put that in to the local repo. So that the IDE can always 
point to that jar, in which case class changes within that jar are 

I hope there might be things like this in other projects you all have 
encountered. How did u tackle them ?

Please please please lets have a better solution for this :(.

Chinthaka ....

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