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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject [axis2] Namespaces aren't necessary for our component registry
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2005 16:25:45 GMT
Hi all:

I think we should adjust the AxisConfiguration class to refer to 
components (services, modules) by simple string names and not by QNames.

First off, when you define a service in service.xml, the name is a 
string.  Obviously the file-based naming for services also uses strings. 
   Ditto for modules.

Clearly WSDL defines QNames for services, and any individual Axis 
service deployment should be able to *map* to a particular WSDL QName, 
but in terms of our deployment registry we should be referring to things 
by string names most of the time.

The actual changes I'm talking about would include:

* Change method accessors in AxisConfiguration to use Strings
* Keep getService(QName), which would look up a service by its WSDL
   <service> QName instead of by its Axis deployment name

This serves to simplify lookups, make it easier to write tools, increase 
developer comprehension of what's going on, and make it clearer how 
things like URL based dispatching work.



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