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From Dean Hiller <>
Subject Re: checking in ant/maven
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 22:59:28 GMT
why do you need a patched copy of their batch files?  you lost me 
there.  you may be right, I may just not have enough understanding there.

Steve Loughran wrote:

> Dean Hiller wrote:
>> As an example of what I meant to make the builds easier....check out 
>> this project
>> To build it, you just run build.bat(ant is hidden behind that and 
>> developers do not need to install ant!!!)
>> it builds without any problems on any JVM.  Behind the build.bat, ant 
>> is included.  If I upgrade the project to use a later version of ant, 
>> every developer who uses this will not even flinch(unless they build 
>> it using their own ant which they do at their own risk 
>> sometimes.....but build.bat always works!)
>> Anyways, just an idea and an opinion that this would be nice if axis 
>> had something similar.
>> thanks,
>> dean
> I think this is a reasonable approach in an in-house project, but not 
> a big public OSS one, not unless you depend upon a private build of an 
> unreleased version of ant (which some of my oss projects do)
> Once you check in a copy of ant/maven, with your own patched copy of 
> their batch files, you take on all maintenance and support costs. And 
> believe me, ant.bat and are very expensive to maintain, as they 
> are the native bits that everyone else gets to ignore. Unless you are 
> going to check enviroment handling on Win98(*), or directory support 
> on on cygwin on win2k, leave well alone.
> -steve
> (*) yes, I have vmware image for exactly that.

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