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From "Kurt Olsen" <>
Subject RE: compatability problems
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2005 23:13:14 GMT
Hello Tom, thanks for responding.


 We're gonna be keeping cf for some of our admin tasks but the main 'app' is
going j2ee.


The reason we're moving away is 'industry perception' - We have a pretty
intense travel application, and apparently the powers that be are getting
tired of defending coldfusion..Which is unfortunate, because I've seen one
of our co-founders do things in coldfusion so quickly that it's stunning.
Really complicated things can be done very quickly and it's a shame. But we
can't change what the customers think, rightly or wrongly.


Regarding axis in CF: I noticed that the axis is 1.2.1RC2, but the manifest
file in the axis.jar indicates a date in December, while the 'official' RC2
(as near as I can tell) is dated a month earlier in November. I tried doing
elective surgery on the system, namely tring to copy the axis files from CF
into our development environment but because 1. cf didn't include
axis-ant.jar and 2. The cf/rc2 version of axis didn't seem to be compatible
with the 'official rc2' version of ant-jar.


I also tried copying 1.2.1 final into coldfusion's lib dir (after backing it
up) but that didn't work either, although the problem is looking like a
classloading issue among axis, log4j and our jars. Argh...


So,  As soon as I put out a couple brushfires (cruisecontrol is down and
demanding attention) I"ll capture some exceptions so you can see what I
mean. Again, thanx, and email me at when you get a chance.









From: Tom Jordahl [] 
Sent: Monday, September 19, 2005 10:41 AM
Subject: RE: compatability problems


Note that the latest version of ColdFusion MX (7) has the latest version of
Axis (1.2.1).

The previous version of ColdFusion MX (6.1) has the previous release of Axis
- 1.1.


I would also be very interested in what problems you have encountered, and
how you expect other web service stacks to avoid them.


Speaking as a Macromedia employee, why are you moving away from CF?

Tom Jordahl
Macromedia Server Development - ColdFusion Architect


From: Kurt Olsen [] 
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2005 5:43 PM
Subject: compatability problems


Hi Folks,

As you continue axis development I wanted to share the experience the
developers at our co. are having with axis.

We're sorry to report that even though axis is a powertool, and we like it -
we are about '' that close to abandoning it when communicating with soap
services due to compatability issues when doing system upgrades etc. 


For a long time our application server was/is coldfusion, which includes
axis. We are in the process of migrating off of coldfusion into a jboss
environment but we're moving the server side code first, and before long
we'll be completely off of coldfusion.


Meanwhile, every time we have to go thru a systems evolution we have to
fight, and fight hard with the axis stuff. 

All manner of incompatability problems. I know there aren't easy solutions
to this kind of thing but there it is.


Out of the 20 something jars scattered about in our system the majority of
them interoperate/upgrade with few or no difficultions.

Axis unfortunately stands out as something that keeps biting back, and ends
up causing us a lot of difficulty when things change.


None of us here is an axis expert per-se, we just want to use it to make our
lives easier, but these compatability issues have irritated most everyone
here, and we've been yanking axis out of the system...


This isn't meant as a criticism per-se, but hopefully this feedback from the
field can be used when going forward with your development.

Thanks for listening,





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