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From Sanjiva Weerawarana <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Context Hierarchy
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 04:36:04 GMT
On Tue, 2005-09-13 at 23:49 -0400, Glen Daniels wrote:
> +1 to AxisContext (this was "EngineContext" originally).  For the 
> "description" hierarchy, I'll suggest another alternative which I've 
> been meaning to bring up for a while:
> OperationDescription -> AxisOperation
> ServiceDescription -> AxisService
> ServiceGroupDescription -> ServiceGroup
> AxisConfiguration stays the same

I'd prefer to maintain a consistent pattern if we're going to change to

ConfigurationContext		AxisConfiguration
ServiceGroupContext		AxisServiceGroup
ServiceContext			AxisService
OperationContext		AxisOperation

I actually prefer the names Eran proposed:

AxisContext			AxisDescription
ServiceGroupContext		ServiceGroupDescription
ServiceContext			ServiceDescription
OperationContext		OperationDescription

for the simple reason that they both the corresponding names at a given
level start the same way and end differently. I know, such a deeply
technical reason.

> Second, these 
> are the names (except of course ServiceGroup) that we agreed to at the 
> first F2F.

The change to *Description was voted on here IIRC .. may have been
during your sleep period then ;-). 

> Naming is really important. :)  It's worth hashing it out.

+1. I can live with either of the above, but hate having naming


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