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From Wolfgang Schrecker <>
Subject Problems with axis1-provider running as two services
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2005 21:04:43 GMT
being just today on the list, and working with axis, just a month,
let me apologize first, to addres both, user & dev, lists,
as I don't know (yet), where to send such stuff.

I wrote a little 'OracleFunctionProvider' for Axis-1 and deploy it via WSDD as two diffent
(connecting to two different DBMS's using JNDI), 'entax' and 'iocard' with separate sets of
Regularily I get an error, that the operation is not declared.
When I deploy again, the first of the two service being used is working, but the second, shows
the above error.
So, between service calls of the same code, running under separate services, the first to
works well, the second doesn't. Switching the two shows the same, the other (the last of last
round) is working,
and the  second (the first of last round does not.

Any suggestions on the promise to use the one proper list in the future, as I find out, which
one ?


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