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From "Deepal Jayasinghe" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] newbie questions
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 16:16:30 GMT
Hi Steve ;

see my comments below;

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From: "Steve Loughran" <>
To: "Axis-Dev" <>
Sent: Friday, September 09, 2005 6:29 PM
Subject: [Axis2] newbie questions

> I am just starting out on using Axis2 (!)
> Some questions for which I would be grateful for answers.
> Configuration
> ========
> -do I really need an aar with a service.xml for every single endpoint?

yes , you need to have service archive for each service that your are going 
to publish

> What if I have >1 endpoint in my app?

then you have to have two aars

> -Can I declare a service that takes any XML? I seem to have to list a 
> finite set of operations?

yes , you can write operations in a service which take OM (XML) as argument 
, and the interesting is that for each operation in the service you can 
define messageRecivres (message receiver is the on which is the end of a 
flow and it has full access to incoming SOAP message) and message receiver 
is the one how talk to service implementation class , so you can write your 
message receiver the way you want to handle incoming SOAP message.

> -What about namespace mapping in an endpoint that handles
we are noy fully s
> I am doing some awfully contrived things to declare multiple endpoints 
> (like stub aars that contain nothing but META-INF/service.xml files), and 
> dont know where to begin with
> Building
> =====
> -Where is the ant tool? It isnt in axis-0.91.jar, as far as I can see
> -Which maven2 repo is axis0.91 in?
> OX Mapping
> =======
> -There is an Endpoint type, with a handler to process a header. But how do 
> I return an endpoint? Is there a built in endpoint to WS-A EPR mapper?

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