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From Ajith Ranabahu <>
Subject Re: [axis2] simple data binder
Date Sun, 14 Aug 2005 07:59:32 GMT
Hi all,
Perhaps I'm jumping into the middle of a serious conversation but I'm also a 
fan of the start-from-code club. contract based approach (start-from-schema) 
is cool but my guess is programmers find it much easier to use the start 
from code approach. You'll rather get the picture much clearly by looking at 
the method signature than the WSDL Operation! 
As for the tools, I definitely agree that a good graphical tool set is 
missing. I'm sure that some of you guys will not agree with me (:)) but a 
lot of users find a good graphical tool appealing than a command line one 
(Well I do :)). A good example is Visual Studio, which probably has one of 
the best user interfaces for the developer. Actually if Msft stays ahead 
it's mostly because of their tools, rather than the technology :)
So here is what I'm getting into. Since we need a good tool set, why don't 
we make it a part of Axis2? For starters we can think of at least the 
following tools

1. Start-from-WSDL tool (We already have a partly functioning Eclipse 
2. Start-from-java tool (The plans are for an annotated source file thingy)

Even if we introduce complex functionality, tools can hide that complexity 
and make things easier for the user. My guess is we should think a bit more 
seriously about the tooling at this point. After all, we'll be facing 
competion from Msft in the real world.

any thoughts guys ?

Ajith Ranabahu

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