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From HaoRan Zheng <>
Subject [AXIS2] Questions about MEP
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2005 11:47:20 GMT
Hi all,

Sorry for disturbing everyone. These questions about MEP really
confused me. I have read the pieces about MEP in WSDL2.0 spec draft
and some other documents by W3C. My questions are:
1) Must all messages in a MEP be exchanged between exactly two
entities? Can a MEP intersect with more than one service?
2) Is MEP and operation a one-to-one binding?
3) If the answer of the previous question is negative, can we say a
MEP links multiple operations? Then how a MEP is bound or waved with
multiple concrete operations in one or several service?
4) Also, if the operation and MEP is not a one-to-one binding, the way
to invoke a web services seems to be changed. Before, we invoke a
service by invoking one of its operation; but now we invoke a service
by starting a MEP. Am I right?

Can anyone disabuse me or give some reference documents? Many thanks
for your kindness!

HaoRan Zheng

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