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From mtim <>
Subject Question for Dims
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 12:46:35 GMT
Hello dims, 

We  have web service that is running perfectly under Axis 1.1 and
fails under 1.2 because of the change that was introduced in Axis 1.2 
 I checked CVS and found that  you made a change in
org.apache.axis.SOAPPart.setCurrentForm(Object, int) method which now
executes only if ALLOW_FORM_OPTIMIZATION  property is set to true.

Our rpc handler  transforms incoming SOAP message to Document and back
to SOAP and then sets it on message context. So if try to do something
with that message , after the transformation, then I'm  getting 
ClassCastException from:
What  I noticed is that when our handler handles a SOAP request ,
message context contains ALLOW_FORM_OPTIMIZATION property which is set
to false. If I set that property to true then everything works fine -
no exceptions.

Can help me to understand what is behind "ALLOW_FORM_OPTIMIZATION" property.  
Is it safe for me to set "ALLOW_FORM_OPTIMIZATION" to true in the
handler ?  Is there another workaround to solve this problem ?

I would appreciate any of  your ideas. 

Thanks ,


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