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Subject Re: [AXIS2] Questions about MEP
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2005 22:36:01 GMT
Check weather this would help..

> Thank you so much Ajith, your answer is really valuable to me.
> Now I have some more questions about the implemention of MEP. Since a
> MEP is a one-to-one binding to an operation and a MEP can hold one or
> *more* messages, how a MEP is mapped to an operation when the MEP
> contains more than 2 messages?

WSDL 2.0 every operation has a required property called MEP. ITs the same
MEP that you have been talking about. Its like this, MEP is trying to give
a URI to a given defined set of messages comming and going out of a server
in a defined order. So by looking at the URI you could say the message
arrival and departure at the server.    Now look at the operation.
Operation also deals with messages. And as I said every operation has a
MEP and thus describes the ow would the message exchange happen for that
particular operation. So MEP is a property of the operation not the
Message. Messages rather take part in the MEPs orchastration.
> An operation is naturally in-out(provider view) or out-in(requester
> view), and either input or output can be optional. So the eight MEPs
> mentioned in WSDL 2.0 are very clear and natural. But what if a MEP
> contains more than 2 messages? Can an operation in WSDL 2.0 define
> more than one input or output? The operations in business logic such
> as a Java class or an EJB are always one-input-type and
> one-output-type. So what is the mapping rule?

You are absolutel right on that. To my knowledge such mapping is not
defined. We did some attempt to do a mapping and there are quite a few
ways we came up with. Idae was like if say MEP is In-Out-Out the methods
would be

public void operation1OnMessagearrival1(<data bound arg1>);

public <data bound return type> operation2OnMessageArrival(<data

So two methods for a single operation..

But the discussions didnt go far because people didnt come up with valid
use case worth the effort and it bolied downed to do the mapping by
breaking the complex operation to simpler MEPs.


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