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From Dennis Sosnoski <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Databinding API issues
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 17:03:40 GMT
Venkat Reddy wrote:

>hi Dennis,
>Good to know you will focus on data-binding area. I and couple of guys
>here have explored JAXB 2.0 for writing an extension for Axis2, and
>saw a few issues:
>- as you mentioned already, JAXB doesn't provide a "pull-based" API to
>iterate over the XML types and generate java binding for each, like we
>do in XMLbeans.
This part doesn't look like too much of a problem, since it should be 
easy to use an XMLStreamWriter interface instead. For the XMLBeans case, 
I haven't looked but I imagine somebody has written a XMLStreamReader to 
XMLStreamWriter copy method which can be used to effectively convert it 
over to a compatible interface. That way the XMLBeans responses should 
be able to stay virtual, rather than having to be converted over to OM 
form before they're written.

>- The current design of Axis data-binding design requires a type
>mapper to be populated. This is easy while using XMLBeans, but turns
>out to be quite difficult with JAXB.
I was looking for an example of this, but didn't find anything yet. The 
trivial EchoString example doesn't appear to use a type mapper. Is there 
a better example for XMLBeans support around somewhere?

I'd think a type mapper is only required when you're implementing 
wrapped support. For general doc/lit you should be able to turn the 
entire body of the SOAP request over to the data binding framework and 
have it return an object. Am I missing something here?

>- After running the binding compiler, there is no way to get a map or
>collection of all XML types and corresponding java types. It seems we
>need to write an vendor-specific plug-in for the JAXB binding compiler
>for retaining and storing such information for later use. This is the
>case with current Sun's JAXB RI.
I don't know that it'd be possible to provide wrapped support using 
JAXB. I had to make a number of enhancements to JiBX to support this. 
Here again, I'm assuming you mean this in the wrapped context.

>- Lastly, Axis2 relies on data-binding during code-generation time,
>and not during run-time.  This means that the client programming model
>is a bit restricted to using static stubs, rather than DII or dynamic
I don't really see this as a limitation. If you truly want to do dynamic 
web services I don't see any way you can effectively use data binding, 
since the whole point of data binding is converting to and from Java 
classes - if you don't know the XML structures in advance, there's no 
way to define the Java classes either.

>just throwing some of my observations.
Thanks, let me know whether I'm misinterpreting things in my responses.

  - Dennis

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