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From Guillaume Sauthier <>
Subject [Axis2][jaxws] Up to date API ?
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 12:25:20 GMT
Hi Venkat

It appears that the jaxws2.0 API sources in the scratch area are not up 
to date.

The latest JAX-WS2.0 draft has bring a lot of change along with the 
renaming of the spec :
package moved from javax.xml.rpc to
JAXRPCException renamed to WebServiceException
JAXRPCContext deleted and replaced by a simple Map
Call interface had disapeared !
Some annotations has been added some other removed

I think we shouldn't start implementing jaxws until the api sources are 
What do you think ?


PS: Is there some (legal?) constraints for API sources implementation ? 
Can we copy/paste javadoc comments?

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