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From Mark Pimentel <>
Subject [Axis2] Google SoC - DFDL Advice
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2005 18:55:05 GMT
Hi everyone,

I have been looking into DFDL for the second half of the project, but
am not too clear on the steps necessary to move forward.  Hopefully
someone can offer advice or guidance.

>From the examples I've seen, DFDL seems to work by taking a non-XML
file and generating two files from it: The first is an XML file that
tags the strings, numbers, and other parts of the non-XML file. The
second is a DFDL description file (.xsd) that contains the structure
and representation of the information in the XML file. This may seem
like doing a lot, but by specifying structure in this external file,
it is easier to break down large, repetitive areas of information into
concise XML chunks.

(See example DFDL .xml and .xsd files posted at

However, I am not quite clear on what I should be coding to implement
this.  Should I be taking non-structured content and generating these
two DFDL files from them?  Also, what kind of test data should I be
working with?  I am not too familiar with AXIOM, but my understanding
was that the information to be serialized would already be in XML.  Is
this the right approach?  Any advice?

Thanks for your help!

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