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From "Daniel \(EXT\), Dinu" <>
Subject WebService Deployment Programmatically
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 12:56:09 GMT


I would like to deploy my webservice programmatically when the
Web/Appserver gets started. This I do in the init() method of my servlet
(TCEntIntegrationServlet). I have added all the axis libraries (jars) in
my web application's (Testapp\WEB-INF\lib) lib folder. In
Testapp\WEB-INF\ folder I have placed the axis's server-config.wsdd. 


The wsdd file (Testapp )is placed in Testapp\ folder


Attached are the entries I have made in my Testapp\WEB-INF\lib\web.xml.
Invoking the servlets sequentially via <load-onstartup> tags


In my TCEntIntegrationServlet::init()


 AdminClient ac = new AdminClient();


 String [] deployargs = new String[3];


 deployargs [0] = "-l" ;

 deployargs [1] = "http://localhost:9999/

 deployargs [2] = getServletContext().getRealPath("deploy.wsdd");




   // Deploy the Service



 catch (Exception e) 





Am getting the error attached after ac.process(deployargs); is executed.
It seems the AxisEngine (& AdminServices) is not initialized
successfully when the thread comes to my servlet's init() method. Is
there any way to overcome this


If I put the same code in a doget() method in the above Servlet class
and invoke the servlet via http://localhost:9999/ Testapp/
<http://localhost:9999/%20Testapp/%20TCEntIntegrationServlet>   the
above code executes fine and the webservice gets deployed properyly.


 Could you please advice on this issue


Thanks In Advance,


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