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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Suggestions from ApacheCon
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 02:03:48 GMT
> Myself and Chathura got some interesting feedbacks during the ApacheCon
> 2005, especially from the users. Here are some of those.
> 1. (I'm not too sure this is too early to give this idea.)There must be a
> place to share the common modules. This is same as the plugin that are
> available over the web for Eclipse. So that people can search for Axis2
> modules and use them.
+1 some place like and
http://*/axis2/modules/* given the url

> 2. To have a remote shutdown mechanism, like we have, to remotely deploy a
> service. This will enable an administrator remotely shutdown the services he
> thinks.
+1 JMX support will add it
> 3. to have a web interface to gather the usage statistics. For example, one
> can see how many messages have arrived for a particular services, etc.,
> Actually this is very much useful for decision makers.
0 But this is POST 1.0 .. this is something independent .. but need some time 
But if someone like to work on it they are welcome .. 
> 4. In current system, when we engage a module using the web interface, and
> if the server shuts down, that engagement will not be there in the next
> startup. Its better to have that state saved, when one uses the web
> interface.
+1 serialization support should fix it
> 5. Persistence - Some people were really keen on this. As if for some
> reason, if there is server shutdown, there is no way to persists and
> re-state the stuff when it starts up again.
+1 serialization support should fix it
> Well, these ideas may not fit in to Axis2 1.0 time frame, but seems really
> interesting from the user perspective.
> There were some people who like to contribute, especially from projects like
> Tomcat. One was interested in shutting down thingy, mentioned 5 above, to
> work well with Tomcat.

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