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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject [Axis2]Making Road Map for Axis2 1.0
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 04:22:42 GMT
hi All;

As by my proposal for Axis 1.0 it is following that are left to done for 1.0 

Features To be Done
[Axis2-12]Pluggable data binding XMLBeans/JAXB/Axis2 own data binding
[Axis2-48] RPC Encoded support
[Axis2-65] Mgmt Capability
[AXIS2-42] Message Context Serialization Support 	
[AXIS2-37] Internationalization Support
[AXIS2-53] Binding service operations to wsa:Action
[AXIS2-19] Interop Tests for Axis2
Misc - [Axis2-32,33,37,46,52,57,59,60,61]

Nice to have
RM Module
Security Module
[AXIS2-46]E4X Provider
[AXIS2-66]Binary Serialization  
WS - Policy Framework
RSS feeds for Axis2 deployed services
[AXIS2-47]JMS transport for Axis2  
[AXIS2-49]implementing DOM on AXIOM 	

I think it is time to lay down the road map for Axis2 1.0.
I purpose for releases RC1, RC2 and 1.0.

As four developers myself, Chatura, Jaliya and Dasarath planning to leave for
Grad studies in the August (04th) we are facing a tight schedule. I
think should
try have at least RC1 cut by the time we leave. 

Let us leave "nice to have ones alone" for 1.0 and try to get the critical two
pluggable data binding,rpc-encoding done plus the Jira issues. I think
we can move the Management support to "nice to have".

If there are anything that should be covered by 1.0 other than above
please add a
Jira issue. Let us wait till next week, to nail down the requirements
and try to
sort out how to do it?

Also since I am may be not available for on my full time I would like
to step down
as the Release Manager after RC1, I purpose I should do the RC1
jointly with the
next release Manager to make the migration smoother for him. 


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