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From "Eran Chinthaka" <>
Subject RE: [Axis2] Google SoC Update 7/31/05
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 06:20:29 GMT
Hi Mark,

I prefer if you could send all your mails, regarding the project, to
axis-dev it self. All the people in axis-dev are happy to see the progress
of your project.

Please see my comments below. 

> Hi Eran,
> I did a lot of work on the project this weekend, and made good
> progress with writing XML to binary using Fast Infoset.  The Fast
> Infoset Project's StAX parser uses some module called SAX2StAX, which
> I uses the SAX Pull API, so I've been trying to rewrite a lot of that
> functionality.  I've been comparing my output to the output from the
> output of the FI Project, and they are pretty close but not identical
> yet.

I can't understand why you had to re-write this. Comment in that please. And
I looked in to the FI code and seem ok to be used with StAX alone. Why are u
trying to mess around with SAX?? 

> I tried to check in my code, but cannot seem to figure out how to.  I
> was reading the tutorial at
> , but I don't think I have an account on the svn server.  Can you help  
> with this?

You can not check in the code, if you are not a committer. Did u send the
CLA to Apache ? Until you get the committer ship you can create a patch and
send to axis-dev, so that one of the committers can commit them for you.

Hope to see some codes from you soon.  


> Thanks,
> Mark

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