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From Steve Green <>
Subject More symbolTable woes
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2005 19:00:15 GMT

This morning, I endeavored to try my code against the latest CVS for
axis.  After some fiddling, I believe I've come across some regression
from axis 1.2.x.

Issue #1:

Unwrapped arrays is causing problems with xsd that once worked fine.
It's probably not strictly regression since this is a new feature (new
to me at least) but since unwrapped arrays is the default, it feels like
regression.  The problem seems to lie in the fact that the array
elements are from an element "ref" rather than a complex "type".

This is the sample that I've been playing with.  With unwrapped arrays,
wsdl2java complains about SomeElement being referenced but not defined.
Without unrapped arrays, everything works as it once did.

      <complexType name="AnotherType">
          <element ref="tns:SomeElement" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>

      <element name="SomeElement" type="tns:SomeType"/>

      <complexType name="SomeType">
          <xs:element name="a" type="xs:string"/>

Issue #2:

I've started seeing problems with wsdl references to elements too.  I
have not investigated this problem much at all, so I am posting this
message with the hopes that someone recognizes the symptoms and saves me
a bit of trouble.

For example, from the liberty alliance discover service wsdl.  This is
working fine with with Axis 1.2.

  <message name="Modify">
    <part name="body" element="disco:Modify"/>

wsdl2java will now complain about {urn:liberty:disco:2003-08}Modify not
being defined, when in fact it is defined.  Using
Type="disco:ModifyType" works fine.


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