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From "Davanum Srinivas (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] Commented: (AXIS-1985) Arrays of arrays work in 1.1 but not in 1.2.1
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2005 21:35:40 GMT
    [ ] 

Davanum Srinivas commented on AXIS-1985:

Output on the console.

Using JVM_OPTS :
.>>>> Row :0
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:0 Column:19
>>>> Row :1
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:1 Column:19
>>>> Row :2
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:2 Column:19
>>>> Row :3
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:3 Column:19
>>>> Row :4
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:4 Column:19
>>>> Row :5
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:5 Column:19
>>>> Row :6
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:6 Column:19
>>>> Row :7
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:7 Column:19
>>>> Row :8
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:8 Column:19
>>>> Row :9
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:9 Column:19
>>>> Row :10
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:10 Column:19
>>>> Row :11
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:11 Column:19
>>>> Row :12
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:12 Column:19
>>>> Row :13
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:13 Column:19
>>>> Row :14
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:14 Column:19
>>>> Row :15
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:15 Column:19
>>>> Row :16
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:16 Column:19
>>>> Row :17
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:17 Column:19
>>>> Row :18
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:18 Column:19
>>>> Row :19
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:0
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:1
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:2
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:3
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:4
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:5
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:6
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:7
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:8
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:9
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:10
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:11
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:12
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:13
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:14
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:15
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:16
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:17
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:18
    Column :DATA Row:19 Column:19

Time: 6.86

OK (1 test)

> Arrays of arrays work in 1.1 but not in 1.2.1
> ---------------------------------------------
>          Key: AXIS-1985
>          URL:
>      Project: Apache Axis
>         Type: Bug
>   Components: Serialization/Deserialization
>     Versions: 1.2RC3
>  Environment: Web Servers: Tomcat 4.1.31, 5.0.28, 5.5.4
> Axis Versions: Not present in Axis 1.1. Occurs in Axis 1.2 all releases up to 1.2.1.
> Java: 1.4.2_04
> Operating Systems: Present on Windows XP and Solaris 5.8
>     Reporter: David Rolfe
>     Assignee: Davanum Srinivas
>     Priority: Blocker
>  Attachments:,, deploy.wsdd, full1.wsdl
> We make a product for running Oracle stored procedures and SQL statements that is designed
to work with Axis. An essential part of such a product is the ability to represent the results
of arbitrary SQL queries. We use 3 classes to represent a Query, its rows and its columns.
The relationship is like this:
> WsdlRowSet - Represents a query. Has an array of String[] (column names) and WsdlRow
> WsdlRow - Represents a row. Has an array of WsdlElement (a value)
> WsdlElement - a wrapper for Object.
> All of this works fine in Axis 1.1 but in 1.2 all the elements except the last one in
both the row arrays and the list of column names are lost. We have zipped a test case and
uploaded it to:

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