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From David Blevins <>
Subject SAAJ and Form optimization
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 07:46:18 GMT
I'm trying to get a few things to work with the OpenEJB side of the Geronimo web services integration.
 I've basically broken apart the RPCProvider so that I can do the SAAJ to Java object marshalling
of the arguments inside an EJBInvocation object which travels through our interceptor stack.
 The HandlerChainImpl is inside the container stack, which is why I can't let the RPCProvider
do the marshalling as it likes to now.

Anyway, I am having a hard time getting changes to the SAAJ objects done in handlers to show
up in the MessageContext after it's traveled through the chain.  When I go do demarshal the
data in SAAJ to Java arguments, I seem to get the same old data, but in completely new instances
of SOAPMessage, SOAPBody, et. all.

I saw this bug report which seems to hint at the same issue:

And an aparent fix:

What is the exact optimization that happens with ALLOW_FORM_OPTIMIZATION turned on and why
would it need to be off in the handler chain?   Also, what was done in AXIS-1960 to fix the
issue.  Note I am using the latest snaphshot of Axis, but our integration is pretty tight
and we may not be running the code where the fix was done.

Thanks a million!


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