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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Loading axis module from a jar file
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 01:55:34 GMT
Deepal sounds good to me, may be we do not need looking up the home
directory, and instead I prefer the current directory the code run.

I am not a big fan of a any arbitroy code that runs, messes with my
home direcotry :) even though they always to it ;). may be name should
at lease be .axis2/.... so it is hidden


On 5/25/05, Deepal Jayasinghe <> wrote:
> Hi all; 
> At the last chat we decide to bundle ws modules into axis2 distribution and
> without given the repository file name provide a way to engage modules. So
> in that case axis2 distribution archive file might look like below; 
> Axis2.jar 
>   org/apache/axis/..... 
>   modules/ 
>      addressing.mar 
>      rm.mar 
> In this case deployment will work as follows; 
>   when some one ask to engage a module first it check whether that module is
> available in AxisConfiguration if it found then engage that module , else 
> it check inside   user.dir/Axis2Home/modules/    directory and if the
> required module found deploye that module and engage that , if it dose not
> available there then 
> try to load the corresponding module.mar file form the classpath
> (getResourceAsStream) if it found then read it and write that into
> user.dir/Axis2Home/modules/  as new module archive file. next using that
> module archive file first deploy the module and engage that module. 
> In this  case I made some assumptions 
>  1. Assumed module archive file name equal to module + .mar 
>  2. If the module archive found in the classpath extract into
> "user.dir/Axis2Home/modules/ " 
> Comments ? 
> Thanks and regards 
> Deepal

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