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From Venkat Reddy <>
Subject Relase plans for Axis 1.x and Axis2
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2005 09:58:21 GMT
Yesterday, i posted this to axis-user (accidentally, though). Now
posting here because I think its more relevant in this list.

These are actually the questions i'm facing from peoople in my
company, whose projects / products are currently based on Axis 1.2.
Would be nice if anyone can chirp in their guesses and views.

1.Its nice to hear 1.2 release is round the corner (or the weekend).
What's after that? Are we going to start working for 1.3? What are the
major changes / features to expect in 1.3?

2.What's the timeline for Axis2.0? Is June-2006 is a good guess for
the first version go GA?

3.Until 2.0 comes out stable and complete, I think we should also keep
good support for 1.x.

4.What's the migration plan from 1.x to 2.0? Looks like 2.0 doesn't
guarantee backward compatibility with 1.x code. And may be we are not
too keen on support for JAX-RPC support ?

5.Currently if I have code running Axis 1.2, what are the things I
should consider or be aware of while switching over to 2.0? – stubs
need to be re-generated, change in programming model etc.


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