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From jayachandra <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Notes on underlying MXparser of OM
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2005 07:18:57 GMT
The problem is that of localization. Businesses which publish local
language wsdl's can not be understood by Axis2.
The following (attached) XML file written in chinese/japanese couldn't
be parsed by the MXParser. Parsing threw a XMLStreamException saying
"start tag unexpected character \ub9" the moment it encountered a
foreign character.
Other than yahoo group is their some kind of mailing list for stAX
community? I've some problem using yahoogroups

Thank you

On 4/21/05, Aleksander Slominski <> wrote:
> jayachandra wrote:
> >1. The MXParser doesn't seem to support the UTF-8 character set fully.
> >Japanese XML files weren't parsed properly. In future, this could
> >throw a serious problem. This can have it's effect on the SOAP message
> >processing of foreign web services.
> >
> >
> what is the problem? makes ure to send email about problems to
> and file bug report(s) in bugzilla for StAX RI
> (
> >2. The DTDParser inside MXParser was failing to understand the DTD
> >declaration line(s) of several (complex?) DTDs. Though this might not
> >seem as a problem if you look at the SOAP message processing part of
> >it, but certainly with such a behaviour complete XML infoset support
> >can not be given to our OM.
> >
> >
> are you actually testing validating or non-validating parser?
> requirement for non-validating parser are different in regard to DTDs.
> moreover DTDs are to be rejected by SOAP processor anyway ...
> thanks,
> alek
> --
> The best way to predict the future is to invent it - Alan Kay

-- Jaya

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