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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Purpose Deployment changes
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2005 13:43:55 GMT
Venkat Reddy wrote:
> I'm just trying to understand the diagram in axiscontext.jpg. Can you
> please add a little documentation also, as to what the arrows mean,
> and why we have the same boxes at multiple places etc. Is the Context
> Bag the root of all the contexts? I think the hierarchy that we
> discussed was a little different. Global Context -> Engine Context ->
> Service Context -> MEP Context -> Session Context -> Message Context,
> where each "->" stands for "is parent of" or "contains".

IIRC, EngineContext was the top level, and SessionContext was between 
that and ServiceContext (since a session might encompass a number of 
different service invocations/interactions).

EngineContext ->
SessionContext ->
MEPContext (OperationContext) ->

We also have EngineContext->ModuleContext, separately.

And I think the idea was that the stack will be extensible so that you 
could, for instance, insert different kinds of long-running conversation 
context in between EngineContext and SessionContext.


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