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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] XML views and flexible/efficient databindg
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 14:27:10 GMT
Guys, can you please continue this thread with [Axis2] in the subject 
line?  Thanks!


Mark D. Hansen wrote:
>>Even now Axis2 allows you to plugin "any" standard data 
>>binding tool. But in
>>the last Axis2 summit we all decided to have a small but 
>>comprehensive data
>>binding tool within Axis2 as well. One of our main idea was tightly
>>integration with Axiom and the user will not have to worry 
>>about some other
>>jars for data binding. 
> XmlBeans is a "small but comprehensive data binding tool".
> Why not just use that rather than writing yet another data
> binding tool?
>>Well, I have a problem here. If we insert XMLBeans that will 
>>be our data
>>binding framework. So what did u mean by saying "inserting XmlBeans in
>>between AXIOM and java binding framework".
> To support "pluggable" java binding frameworks, you will need to
> define a java binding API (e.g., [de]serializer interface).  Such
> and API must choose some representation of XML (e.g., SAX (like Axis
> 1.x),
> DOM, SAAJ, StAX, XmlBeans, etc.)  If you choose XmlBeans, you make it
> easy to port other java binding frameworks over to Axis2.
> Probably, however, you are going to provide a java binding API
> that exposes the OM interfaces directly.  Something like this:
> public OMNode serialize(Object obj, BindingContext ctx)
> public Object deserialize(OMNode node, BindingContext ctx)
> Is that what you are thinking?

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