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From "Eran Chinthaka" <>
Subject [Axis2] Can OM with differed building really be so effective in Axis2?
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2005 02:19:37 GMT

Re-sending with [Axis2] prefix
> Hi all,
> Sorry for bothering everybody. I'm not sure whether this question is
> appropriate for this maillist. If not, please apprise me and I'll
> never commit it again:)
> I'm very interested in Axis2 and I know performance is a big goal of
> Axis2. But, I really wonder whether the differed building can help to
> enhance the performance a lot AT SERVER SIDE. My suspicion is based on
> the follow  points:
> (a). Almost all the SOAP services need the parsed SOAP envelope (the
> echoXML sample service maybe an exception), so differed building does
> not mean no building. That is to say, parsing and building is
> unavoidable mostly.
> (b). At server side, we won't design any unnecessary arguments. So we
> need parse the SOAP message entirely; even partial parsing won't be
> feasible at server side.
> I know it is an improvement to choose the pull-parsing with StAX. At
> least it is one-time parsing while Axis 1.x used the replay mechanism
> to process the pre-parsed SAX events. But I do want to know, how much
> performance enhancement can benefit from the OM with differed
> building? Could anyone explain it to me? Thank you so much!
> Regards,
> HR, Zheng

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