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From "Deepal Jayasinghe" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Deploying MessageReceivers per Operation
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2005 04:30:00 GMT
Hi Jaliya;

I think we can handle operation basic receivers inside Message receiver , that is because
when some one implement a service he has to write a MessageReciver for his service  , so inside
the messagereciver he can write all the logic he needs to handle operation basis reciever
, that is inside messagereciver.recive() he can implement those logic.

as an example
MyReciver extends MessageReciver {

 public void recieve(MessageContext context){
    MyOperationReciever myop = new MyOperationReciever();

so if we do that in this way I think we do not need to define per operation basis receivers.

Comments ....  


  Hi All,


  According the current implementation of Axis2, when we deploy a service, we can specify
one MessageReceiver (InOnlyMessageReceiver, InOutMessageReceiver etc..) per service. According
to my understanding we should let the user to register one MessageReceiver per operation basis.
Possible example would be as follows.


  We have a web service with IN-ONLY operation. However we need to let the service to implement
the RequestSecurityToken operation according to the WS-SecCon. This operation is an IN-OUT
operation. In this situation we have to register two message receivers to these two operations.
In addition, the MEP is bind to an operation and the MessageReceiver is the one who is driving
the MEP. So I think we have let each operation to have its own message receiver. 


  thoughts ??





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