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From Ajith Ranabahu <>
Subject [Axis2]Chatlog on 23 (24) March 2005
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2005 04:23:31 GMT
The chat today was majorly about the upcoming summit and a bit about
the mail transport
[09:02]  ***  Apache Axis -- WSDL SOAP XML-RPC
[09:04]<Ajith> Hello
[09:04]<srinath_perera> at last someone wake up ;)
[09:05]<alek_s> GM/GE ;-)
[09:05]<srinath_perera> hi Alek .. how are the things?
[09:06]<srinath_perera> we are preparing for the f2f ..these days
[09:06]<alek_s> hi, too many things (as usual ;-) )
[09:06]<srinath_perera> :)
[09:07]<Ajith> yep I guess we should 
[09:09]  *** Gayan joined #apache-axis
[09:09]<Ajith> Ok lets see
[09:10]<Ajith> Alek you are not able to come here right ?
[09:10]<alek_s> unfortunately not :-(
[09:10]  *** farhaan joined #apache-axis
[09:10]<Ajith> So would it be ok if we set up a skype thing for you
(and other enthusiasts) to join
[09:11]<alek_s> if i can i will try to listen in 
[09:11]<alek_s> and for sure to check presentation slides
[09:11]<Ajith> We dont know for sure the quality of the link at the
conference room
[09:11]<alek_s> and hopefully photoos from whiteboards etc.
[09:12]<srinath_perera> yap
[09:12]  *** Chamil joined #apache-axis
[09:13]<Chamil> hi all.. 
[09:14]<Ajith> I am going to definitley try to arrange all these
(audio/ video for presentations, slides , notes and all)
[09:14]<Chamil> I have a small question about the mail transport
[09:16]<Chamil> is it ment to work as a mailet [only in James I am
assuming] or will it be deployed to work with a generic mail client ?
[09:16]<Chamil> or both ?
[09:17]  *** Chinthaka joined #apache-axis
[09:17]  *** chathura joined #apache-axis
[09:17]<Ajith> yes it should
[09:17]<Chamil> as in both ?
[09:17]<Chinthaka> hi all, sorry we forgot the time :(
[09:17]<Ajith> My guess is james will not be a widley used thing for some time
[09:18]<Ajith> and ppl will love to hook up their existing exchange
server to try mail based web service
[09:19]<Chamil> ok assuming we are try to provid both I will ask my
next question
[09:19]<Chamil> trying [sorry ]
[09:20]<Chamil> now when I sent a mail before it was agreed to use the
mail address to identify the service
[09:20]<Chamil> thus mapping a mail address with a service [one mail
address per one service]
[09:20]<Chinthaka> Sorry,, can we have an idea of the current topic,
pleasec?? :(
[09:21]<Chamil> os on the generic mail server sinario the details like
username, password, server and stuff should go into to the service.xml
[09:22]<Chamil> and when a service is deployed the mail listners
[thread that downloads the mails] should be started for each service ?
[09:22]<Ajith> Yes i think so
[09:22]<Chamil> is this correct or is there some other way of doing this ?
[09:22]<Ajith> one mail address per service
[09:23]<Ajith> and all params of the server is in the service.xml
[09:24]<srinath_perera> Any body get a chance to look at the messaging
based core toy I checked in to the svn yesterday?
[09:25]<Chinthaka> I will have a look at that today, if time permits :(
[09:25]<Ajith> I also need to have a looka that SAAJ thing venkat did
[09:25]<Ajith> BTW the draft summit material is at
[09:25]<Chinthaka> yeah, me too
[09:26]<Chinthaka> BTW : I had a chat with Thilina to support SAAJ with MTOM
[09:26]<Chinthaka> he will make a proposal on that
[09:26]<Ajith> check out the axis2 message path animation i did last night :)
[09:26]<Ajith> SAAJ with MTOM ?
[09:27]<srinath_perera> Chinthaka thanks 
[09:27]<Chamil> thankx hhmm... i guess now i sould start bugging
Deepal regarding the matter :)
[09:27]<Thilina> yes
[09:27]<alek_s> there is an alternative to start a service - you could
use exisiting mailbox and POP3 it for requests
[09:27]<Ajith> exactly
[09:27]<Chamil> explain plz...
[09:27]<Ajith> that is going to be the dominant use case at the start
[09:28]<Chinthaka> Ajith : that message patth seems really cool
[09:28]<Chinthaka> Ajith : the engine seems to be missing
[09:29]<Chinthaka> Anyway, lets fine tune that a little bit later
[09:29]<Ajith> it is :D
[09:30]<Chinthaka> BTW : where are the others ? Have they started
flying to SL ?? :D
[09:30]<Ajith> this is supposed to be where the message is going through
[09:34]<Ajith> Hey no body is talking
[09:34]<alek_s> i looked on animation
[09:34]<alek_s> looks cute
[09:35]<alek_s> though it does nto show how to handle harder case of
async request/response between two peers (and not just server)
[09:35]<Ajith> Yeah
[09:35]<Ajith> it was an overnight job
[09:36]<Thilina> anybody looked at the wiki page for MTOM :D
[09:36]<Ajith> I did
[09:36]<Ajith> seems to be quite alright
[09:37]<Thilina> :)
[09:38]<Ajith> BTW guys since so many people are intersted in the
summit we need to have a lot of materials
[09:38]<Ajith> prepared this time
[09:38]<Chinthaka> what sort of u mean ?
[09:39]<Ajith> So as I suggested in the mailing list we neeed at least
a short ppt for each session
[09:39]<Chinthaka> Ajith : one point 
[09:39]<Ajith> I would like to have notes also included
[09:39]<Ajith> sure go ahead
[09:39]<Chinthaka> I think its better if you can put those existing
material linked to the f2f wiki pages
[09:40]<Ajith> yep that is being done
[09:40]<Chinthaka> Ajith : +1 for short ppts
[09:40]<Chinthaka> but notes ?? Do we need them ? 
[09:40]<{eng}bar4ka> hey guys, are u the developers ?
[09:41]<Ajith> Yes we are :D
[09:41]<Ajith> Chinthaka : notes need not be long
[09:41]<{eng}bar4ka> this channel looks like it, once a week you all come... ;)
[09:42]<Ajith> just short ones that explains the slide
[09:42]<Chinthaka> so what do we have ready for the summit ?
[09:43]<Chinthaka> 1. some means for audio and video transmission
[09:43]<Chinthaka> 2. a main presentation when summit starts
[09:43]<srinath_perera> bar4ka:yap we come wednsday morning or
afternoon in us time
[09:43]<Chinthaka> 3. short presentation for each topic (OM, Engine,
Databinding, Deployment, etc.,)
[09:44]<Chinthaka> what else, we need ?
[09:44]<{eng}bar4ka> srinath_perera: cool, i am here almost everyday,
me and @ChanServ alone :D
[09:45]<srinath_perera> oh :) sometime I have the same experiance
[09:46]<Chinthaka> Guys, do we need anything else ?
[09:47]<{eng}bar4ka> i will appreciate this time with you to make a so
wanted question :)
[09:48]<{eng}bar4ka> i use axis a lot but no advanced stuff 
[09:48]<Ajith> Chintahak :  let me see
[09:48]<alek_s> Ajith: send to mailing list when you have wiki with
links to presentation
[09:48]<srinath_perera> yap
[09:48]<Ajith> already done
[09:49]<{eng}bar4ka> and today ppl are using xml processing more and
more, i am used to convert the javabeans from axis back to xml, and i
always think i can optimize this, just by making some XSTL with the
raw XML
[09:50]<Chinthaka> And I think its better to list participants Skype ids in wiki
[09:50]<{eng}bar4ka> XSTL = XSLT
[09:50]<Chinthaka> especially of those who are not physically present,
like Alek ;)
[09:50]<alek_s> virtually present ...
[09:50]  *** farhaan left #apache-axis : 
[09:51]<Chinthaka> :)
[09:51]<alek_s> could somebody get list of planned actions and send it
to mailing list with links to wiki etc?
[09:51]  *** dasarath left #apache-axis : 
[09:52]<Ajith> Yeah I guess we should 
[09:52]<Ajith> Will try to do that
[09:52]<alek_s> good
[09:53]<Ajith> a rough timetable is already there
[09:53]<alek_s> so that is all for today?
[09:53]  *** srinath_perera quit FreeNode : "Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Firefox
[09:54]<Chinthaka> Alek : Seems like yes
[09:54]<{eng}bar4ka> Ajith: wow, Axis2 :D
[09:54]<Ajith> :D
[09:54]<alek_s> there is no link to AXIS2 presentation page
[09:54]<Ajith> it is in the f2f page
[09:56]<{eng}bar4ka> ok, let me ask another think, i have huge request
to do security with webservices, but standards are so new, what you
guys are using together with axis, like the WSS standard ?
[09:57]<alek_s> bar4ka: check
mailing list  archives
[09:58]<alek_s> is there anything else left to discuss today?
[10:01]<{eng}bar4ka> where is the main axis2 wiki page ?
[10:02]<alek_s> bye
[10:02]  *** alek_s is now known as alek_away
[10:04]<Chamil> bye
[10:04]  *** Chamil quit FreeNode : "Leaving"
[10:05]<Gayan> bye
[10:06]  *** Chinthaka quit FreeNode : Read error: 145 (Connection timed out)
[10:06]<Ajith> bar4ka :
[10:14]<{eng}bar4ka> i will do a test drive with axis2 :D
[10:16]<{eng}bar4ka> cya guys
[10:17]  *** {eng}bar4ka quit FreeNode : "Chatzilla 0.9.67 [Firefox
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