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From Ajith Ranabahu <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Message structure and Attachments
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2005 11:22:59 GMT
Well yes there has been some skipping of the specs. SOAPMessage was
deliberately skipped and you wouldn't find the SOAPpart anywhere
 Interestingly there is no concept of an OM document (which if existed
should match with the SOAPMessage in my sense). What you will get is
the envelope directly from the builder.
The catch here is that this framework is built not with SAAJ (or any
of the other specs for that matter) in mind. It is supposed to be a
lightweight framework and if SAAJ is needed theoretically it is
possible to layer it upon this framework. An infoset model for the
Binary content has already being suggested (OMBlob) but it is again
not SAAJ specific.
Have a look at the mail I sent to the dev list for Venkats question.
I've included a description  of the Axis 2 view :)

BTW we appreciate all of you guys going over the code. More brains the
better it is :)

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 16:26:30 +0530, Shahi, Ashutosh
<> wrote:
> Hi all, 
>             I was looking at the how message is constructed in Axis2, and
> found it to be little different from what we do in Axis 1.2. In Axis 1.2 we
> get the SOAP Envelope through: MessageFactory - > SoapMessage - > SOAPPart
> (and Attachment Part) -> SOAPEnvelope. This is according to SAAJ 1.2 specs.
> But in Axis2 we directly get SOAPEnvelope from the factory class. 
>             I could not find any concept of SoapMessage and SOAPPart. And,
> though I have glanced at the discussion on MTOM and the implementation code,
> I could not understand how AttachmentPart forms part of a SOAPMessage and
> how SOAPEnvelope and AttachmentPart are linked. Has it been deliberately
> decided not to follow the message structure in Axis 1.2 (and SAAJ)? If yes,
> then what is the kind of message structure that has been planned? 
>             I have just started looking at the Axis2 code, so tell me if
> there is any misunderstanding on my part. 
> Ashutosh 

Ajith Ranabahu

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