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From Anne Thomas Manes <>
Subject Re: Unqualified soap elements as response
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2005 22:03:13 GMT
Axis is behaving properly. <ns1:echoStringResponse>, which is the
RPC/encoded wrapper element, and the child element of the SOAP body,
is a qualified element -- as it should be. <EchoStringReturn>, which
is the return value for an RPC/encoded, and the child element of the
return wrapper element is an unqualified element -- as it should be.

Now, what I find confusing is that you sent a doc/literal request (or
perhaps wrapped), but you got an rpc/encoded response. I can tell that
this is a doc/literal request rather than an rpc/literal request
because the input parameter <sample1:echoString> is a qualified
element. If it were an rpc/literal request, the element would be

What does your WSDL doc say it should be? Doc/literal or rpc/encoded?


On Thu, 3 Mar 2005 18:15:26 +0530, jayachandra <> wrote:
> Hi axis-developers,
> I've just deployed a simple Echo service using Axis1.2RC2 on Tomcat.
> I invoked the service using an Axis2 synchronous client and the log of
> request and response SOAP messages as seen on tcpmon are as follows.
> Request:
> -------------
> <soapenv:Envelope
> xmlns:soapenv=""
> xmlns:sample1="">
>   <soapenv:Header>
>   </soapenv:Header>
>   <soapenv:Body>
>     <sample1:echoString>
>       <sample1:Text>Axis2 Echo String</sample1:Text>
>     </sample1:echoString>
>   </soapenv:Body>
> </soapenv:Envelope>
> Response:
> ----------------
> <soapenv:Envelope
> xmlns:soapenv=""
> xmlns:xsd=""
> xmlns:xsi="">
>   <soapenv:Body>
>     <ns1:echoStringResponse
> soapenv:encodingStyle=""
> xmlns:ns1="">
>       <EchoStringReturn xsi:type="soapenc:string"
> xmlns:soapenc="">Axis2 Echo
> String</EchoStringReturn>
>     </ns1:echoStringResponse>
>   </soapenv:Body>
> </soapenv:Envelope>
> If you see the response message generated by Axis1.2RC2
> <EchoStringResponse> appears to be a non qualified element. Whereas as
> a norm every SOAP Element is supposed to be qualified against a
> namespace (am I wrong?).
> I've not noticed it to be a serious problem, untill the OM
> implementation in Axis2 reported the error that it will not allow to
> (de)serialize SOAP message having non qualified elements in response
> message.
> Can this be fixed, with say giving a prefix to every non-qualified
> element same as that of the parent element. Should there be a need to
> log a jira issue, let me know.
> Thank you
> Jayachandra
> --
> -- Jaya

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