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From "Shahi, Ashutosh" <>
Subject [Axis2]Doubt on Detail Element in SOAPFault
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 10:17:47 GMT

Hi Guys,

            Looking at the SOAPFaultImpl class of the OM implementation
gives me the feeling that the fault can have only one detail entry kind
of information.  In the setDetailInformation method I see that each time
we create a new detailElement and add the passed detail node as child to
it. Also getDetailInformation assumes that detailElement has only one
child as I see it returning a single node instead of an iterator.


The general structure in Axis 1.2 is that we have a Detail Node which
can have > 1 detail entry element. The SOAP spec says the same. Is it
that we are restricting the user to create only one detail entry element
in OM or am I missing something?




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