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From "Soti, Dheeraj" <>
Subject Should I specify the java interfaces in wsdl also and how to spec ify multiple inheritance
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2005 21:00:35 GMT

I am new to webservices and I am following the approach of writing the wsdl
first. I have a method in my service like:

    public boolean addContent(Content content) {

"Content" is an interface that extends another interface "MyObject". There is
class "ContentImpl" that implements Content and it has various children like
"ContentType1" "ContentType2".


Shall I declare the interfaces also in my wsdl as complex types or just the
implementations because that is what the final type of parameter would be. Right
now my wsdl looks like as shown below. Is this correct?
    <complexType abstract="true" name="MyObject"/>
    <complexType abstract="true" name="Content">
        <extension base="impl:MyObject"/>
    <complexType name="ContentImpl">
        <extension base="impl:Content"/>

How do I specify multiple inheritance? E.g. "ContentType1" extends from
"ContentImpl" and implements "Type1Contents".


Dheeraj Soti

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