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From jayachandra <>
Subject two small doubts
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2005 07:04:58 GMT
What is 'shim' DOM thing that is being talked about these days. Is it
a DOM implementation hooked over StAX rather than the conventional SAX
(as done in Xerces etc.) ???
One more doubt is...
if we are going to be so averse against JAXRPC+SAAJ compliance as they
stand to date, then we *might* have difficulty later when trying to
sell Axis2 in the industry. People would be interested to kick the
tyres using testclients that are written using SAAJ programming model
than learning to create a SOAP request using just OM projected APIs.
For those who take the extra little effort in learning the new thing,
obviously results will be more quick. But if that's the only choice we
offer then we might loose on quite a good number.
Even I agree that it's the on-the-wire compliance that's more
important, but at least on the client side, API compliance too is
something that can't be overlooked.


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