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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Interropability testing between j2ee and .NET
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2005 10:03:38 GMT
babloosony wrote:
> Hi All,

Hello. Please decide in future whether you have an axis-dev or an 
axis-user q. and pick the right group. IT ensures that both groups dont 
actually ignore the question, assuming the others will pick it up.

> I have exposed ejb as document/wrapped web service on java platform
> that uses AXIS 1.2 RC2. I can test also successfully consume the ejb
> web service. However I want to write a client in .NET and consume my
> j2ee/java ejb document/wrapped web service.

yes, it is important to think about interop early. you are doing the 
right thing here

> Now my question is can I install light weight .NET soap toolkit on my
> windows 2000 computer and consume wsdl exposed by my j2ee based
> websphere 5.0 application server deployed ejb web service. I dont want
> to install the heavy weight .NET MS-Visual Studio that has .NET soap
> toolkit in it to do this interropability testing. Can anyone please
> redirect me to relevant docs, links and information.

You need the .net SDK, no need for VS itself, though a debugger is 
useful :)

Ant has the tasks needed to generate C# from WSDL and compile the 
source. If you then run <nant>, you can integrate interop testing with a 
continuous integration process:

some more reading in

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