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From Shawn Dahlen <>
Subject Messaging and Indigo
Date Sat, 26 Mar 2005 00:18:33 GMT
All -

A few weeks back I posted a message on this list discussing the
introduction of a low-level messaging model which in return would be
used to create a higher-level service model.  With the community
preview release of Microsoft's Indigo platform, I would recommend all
of those interested in the messaging concept to read through a series
of blog entries hosted by TheServerSide.Net.

The programming model presented in those series of articles captures
much of my intent in the original email.

We discussed the value of WSA on the thread relating to an SMTP
transport.  I reiterate my position that WSA is fundamental to a WS
Messaging platform (required for async messaging), and it appears that
Microsoft has baked it directly into Indigo.  We should make it
extremely easy to explicitly set addressing information if need be.

One thing I did like was their nomenclature.  They removed references
to client - server to really reiterate the fact that services act as
peers through the exchange of messages with one another.

Another interesting blog entry that dicusses Duplex vs. Request /
Response MEP can be found here:,guid,97b52cfb-2863-4e8f-a604-706eb07d63b8.aspx

Definitely interested in all of your thoughts :)


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