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From "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Some review notes from me
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2005 06:06:28 GMT
Hi Venkat,

> I'm aware of this philosophy for Axis2 right form beginning, to make
> it agnostic to jax-rpc etc, and make it as abstract as possible. I'm
> fully on page with you in understanding this :-)

OK! Just to be clear- its not to make it abstract but rather for us
to do the best possible without having one hand held behind out
back for API standards compatibility. I guess I've become more
aligned with the MSFT mantra that what really matters is on-the-wire 
compatibility rather than API compatibility.

> The SOAP* classes in Axis1.2 (SOAPBody, SOAPEnvelope etc) implement
> the javax.xml.soap.* stuff directly. Axis2 already has these classes
> similarily named but don't implement javax.xml.soap.*. I agree that
> its easy to add a layer that extends the existing SOAP* classes and
> implements SAAJ API.
> Layering the standards comliance would work fine, but would that be
> efficient? and wouldn't make sense to have it as default feature? What
> percentage users expect Axis to support standards out of the box, than
> not?

If the standard is a perfecf fit, like StAX, of course we should
use it. However, SAAJ in particular (unless SAAJ2 is different) is
a problem because it extends DOM classes. That would force us to
create DOM trees .. in theory that's not impossible but practically
the programming complexity of it is not worth it. Furthermore
going deeper into JAX-RPC, that has a strong synchronous "RPC" flavor
and that's clearly a design point that we explicitly chose to
stay away from.

Yes I've heard from Roberto that JAX-RPC2 is going to be different
(and he's even considering renaming it to make it clear). However, 
that's not there yet and we need to finish this beast. If when JAX-WS
(or whatever it gets called) comes out, if there is indeed a good
model to burn the, perfectly fitting, standard into Axis2, I'll be all
for it. 

Furthermore, the difficulty of getting access to the TCKs and the
delays that has caused for Axis1 has left a bad taste in my mouth
for putting that as a blocker for us.

> We also know that axis could also be used as a tiny pluggable core for
> SOAP processing into any product with standardized interfacing, just
> like Xerces parser is used everywhere for XML parsing. May be we can
> pass on the standards compliance also as a bonus in these cases.

Yes, if it meets our design objectives, of course let's use it. I'm
not convinced that it does; are you?
> Hmm ... after saying all this, now i'm afraid to come to Colombo ;-)

Oh come on .. I know India is scared of Sri Lanka (esp. when it comes
to cricket and our superior air & naval powers) but I never realized
it was so bad! ;-)


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