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From "Glen Daniels" <>
Subject [Axis2] A few comments
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2005 00:53:06 GMT

I haven't had time to do the serious review I'd like (this weeked was
taken up with being sick and working with dims on Axis 1.2 and I've been
caught up in some other stuff since), but here are a few initial
comments.  Reading more now, so more to come; better to have several
smaller messages than one big one anyway. :)  Talk to you guys in a
couple of hours!

* How about the data files for the tests residing in the same directory
as the test source (or better yet, under src/test/name/data), and that
way we could get them using getResourceAsStream()?  Much easier to know
where the relevant files are that way, not to mention the fact that you
wouldn't necessarily have to be connected to a particular directory to
run the tests.

* Shouldn't tests be in package "" or at least
""?  That removes the possibility of potential name
clashes between test classes and "real" classes, since they're typically
being compiled to the same classes directory.

* Shouldn't we have some sort of parsing infrastructure for the
config/deployment stuff?  There's an awful lot of repeated code
(checking for END_DOCUMENT events, etc) in there.  In fact, I'm not even
sure why we're bothering to use pull parsing for this stuff - why not
just use DOM (or maybe... OM? :))?  Especially now that we've got
directory-based deployment (and hence are pulling from multiple XML
documents), the chances that any individual file is going to be
prohibitively large are pretty slim.  Wouldn't OM/DOM be a lot easier?

* We discussed getting rid of org.apache.axis.impl and putting impls
either next to (org.apache.axis.ThingImpl) or below
(org.apache.axis.impl.ThingImpl) the interfaces.  I'd like to see this
refactor before release.


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