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From jayachandra <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Dig in to Axis 2
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2005 11:00:01 GMT
Hi all,
I've been trying to be abreast with this Axis2 project. Good to see a
milestone release on its way out. I am more than willing to contribute
my efforts towards this venture, but am lacking proper channel.
I successfully ran maven on prototype2 and have with me axis2-M1.jar
and axis2-test.jar . Now how can these jars be put to use? In the
sense, can this M1.jar be used as a replacement of certain portions of
the current axis1.x version?
Besides the existing documents in tempDocs, it would be good idea to
have a 'Getting Started (to contribute)' document that would plunge
into action people like me in both understanding as well contributing
our efforts towards final Axis2. What say guys?


On Thu, 10 Feb 2005 16:22:33 +0600, Eran Chinthaka
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> Some of you might be interesting in looking at Axis 2, and since the M1
> release is coming, we really appreciate if you all can have a look at that.
> So to do that, I thought of giving you some quick tips as how to set up the
> project.
> 1.  Get a latest copy from
> totype2
> (if you are a committer, there is a quite a bit of setting up SVN, if you
> have never accessed SVN before. Look at
>, section 1.11.1 for more details)
> This location of prototype two may change soon to main src tree at
> 2. Install Maven (you can download that from
> 3. Go to the prototype2 folder in the command prompt and type "maven". This
> will automatically download all the jars, compile, test and build the
> system.
> 4. If you want to set up this in your favorite IDE:
>        - for IntellijIDEA type "maven idea" (without quotes). This will
> generate IDEA .ipr, .iml and .iws project files
>        - for eclipse type "maven eclipse" (without quotes). This will
> generate project files for eclipse.
> To see a list of goals in maven or to find other IDE support type "maven
> -g".
> So you are done.
> Have a nice time with Axis 2 code. ;)
> Regards,
> Eran Chinthaka
> Lanka Software Foundation

-- Jaya

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