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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Chat log on 27-01-2005
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2005 04:01:56 GMT
Hi folks!

I'm not going to +1 a release on the 11th... yet.

Here's what I think needs to happen at a *minimum* before cutting a release:

1) Some documentation needs to be written (I know you guys are working 
on this as we speak :)) and edited/checked over by at least two or three 
folks aside from the author(s).

2) All the code needs cleanup (such as by an IDE's "format code" 
feature) for consistent style/spacing/etc.

3) All spelling/capitalization errors in the code must be fixed.

4) The existing code needs some more review by the team, and in 
particular more review from folks outside of LSF (no offense, guys - 
this isn't meant to make any comment on the code quality, it's just that 
it's always good to make sure multiple viewpoints are represented) - 
Alek, Sam, Mark, etc....  I'm very concerned that, although we know this 
is "only a milestone release of a prototype" that some of the APIs and 
patterns which we haven't necessarily agreed upon as yet are going to 
start to gel and become harder to change.  I also suspect we can trim 
some of the stuff that's there for an initial release.

So the net of this is that I'm not comfortable releasing things in their 
current form, but that will hopefully change in the next two weeks. 
Unfortunately, I'm going to be in Raleigh from Mon-Fri at meetings where 
I won't have network access (damn you, IBM!), but I pledge to put some 
time into this in the evenings and next week.

I don't mean to be any kind of a party-pooper here - please understand 
all these comments are in the interest of producing a seriously 
high-quality piece of engineering, both from a design perspective and in 
terms of the actual artifacts we produce as a team.  Even for an early 
access "release", I think it's critical that we are all on the same page 
with respect to WHAT we're releasing, WHY we're doing so, and that we 
all feel proud that what's there (even if limited functionally) is 
well-architected, well-coded, and solid.  If we don't have all those 
things verified, I don't think it's worth doing a release at all yet.

OK, whaddya think, team?  A reasonable set of requests?


Farhaan Mohideen wrote:
> The release should be on the 11th as the 12th is a Saturday. My mistake
> Regards
> Farhaan
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> From: Deepal Jayasinghe [] 
> Sent: 29 January 2005 00:23
> To:
> Subject: Re: [Axis2] Chat log on 27-01-2005
> +1 , for M1 at Feb 12th
> Deepal
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> From: "Srinath Perera" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2005 5:59 PM
> Subject: Re: [Axis2] Chat log on 27-01-2005
>>+1, for M1 at the Feb 12
>>On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 21:15:20 +0600, Sanjiva Weerawarana
>><> wrote:
>>>+1 for going ahead with an M1 on Feb. 12th.
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>>>From: "Farhaan Mohideen" <>
>>>To: <>
>>>Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2005 6:25 PM
>>>Subject: RE: [Axis2] Chat log on 27-01-2005
>>>>Hi All
>>>>Before Sri Lanka was affected by the tsunami we were well on course
> for a
>>>>milestone release in the first week of January with only the
> documentation
>>>>outstanding. I think during that period Alek, Dims and Glen said that
> they
>>>>would have a look at the code out under prototype 1.
>>>>Now the team is back on track with Axis after working on the various
>>>>applications. We would like to proceed with the milestone release and
>>>>appreciate some feedback from everyone whose been contributing to the
>>>>project. How does the 12th of Feb sound ? Since our first meeting in
>>>>counting the days it would show that we have spent almost 5 months to
> get
>>>>this far. Without holding back further I suggest we push forward and
> get
>>>>something out.
>>>>Srinath you were voted in as the Release Manager, could you send a
> draft
>>>>the release plan so that all can comment.
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>>>>From: Ajith Ranabahu []
>>>>Sent: 27 January 2005 10:48
>>>>To: Axis developer list
>>>>Subject: [Axis2] Chat log on 27-01-2005
>>>>The topic of todays chat was the upcoming M1. There were some concerns
>>>>about the site as well.
>>>>[08:58]  ***  Apache Axis - SOAP WSDL WSDD
>>>>[08:59]  *** Jaliya joined #apache-axis
>>>>[08:59]  *** Chinthaka_ joined #apache-axis
>>>>[08:59]  *** Chinthaka left #apache-axis :
>>>>[09:02]  *** Deepal joined #apache-axis
>>>>[09:03]<Ajith> Hi all
>>>>[09:04]<Jaliya> Hi All
>>>>[09:04]<Deepal> Hi all
>>>>[09:05]  *** farhaan joined #apache-axis
>>>>[09:05]<farhaan> Hi All
>>>>[09:07]  *** farhaan sets topic for #apache-axis : Apache Axis -
>>>>Milestone Release
>>>>[09:08]<Chinthaka_> hi all
>>>>[09:09]<Ajith> Hey where are all the others
>>>>[09:09]<Ajith> ?
>>>>[09:10]<farhaan> is this too early/late to start ?
>>>>[09:10]<Chinthaka_> tsunami for all others ;)
>>>>[09:10]<Jaliya> It is already 9.10 am here
>>>>[09:12]  *** lilantha joined #apache-axis
>>>>[09:14]<Chinthaka_> well shall we start talking about M1 ?
>>>>[09:14]<Deepal> good idea
>>>>[09:15]<Chinthaka_> anyway, any plans for the date of release ?
>>>>[09:16]  *** chathura joined #apache-axis
>>>>[09:16]<Chinthaka_> I think its some where around 12 or 15
>>>>[09:16]<Chinthaka_> next month
>>>>[09:17]<farhaan> yes we should be okay with 12th Feb
>>>>[09:17]<farhaan> Let's discuss what is outstanding for the release
>>>>[09:17]<Ajith> BTW guys what has happend to glen and all ?
>>>>[09:18]<Deepal> We have completed coding stuff for M1
>>>>[09:18]<farhaan> as far as i know before the tsunami we were in very
>>>>good shape where the functionality was concerned and it was the
>>>>documentation that was missing
>>>>[09:18]<Deepal> and only documentation has to be done
>>>>[09:18]<Jaliya> and examples
>>>>[09:19]<Jaliya> I mean samples + docs
>>>>[09:19]<Chinthaka_> well I myself and Chathura started with samples
>>>>[09:19]<Deepal> yep
>>>>[09:19]<farhaan> so can we first get concurrence from all on the
>>>>features for M1 as a reminder atleast
>>>>[09:19]<Chinthaka_> and the user's guide
>>>>[09:19]<Deepal> and I stared archi guide
>>>>[09:22]<Ajith> myswlf and srinath did some perf tests
>>>>[09:22]<Ajith> and fixed some bugs as well
>>>>[09:22]<Chinthaka_> great
>>>>[09:23]  *** Deepal quit FreeNode : Read error: 54 (Connection reset
> by
>>>>[09:24]  *** Chinthaka__ joined #apache-axis
>>>>[09:24]<Chinthaka__> hello
>>>>[09:24]  *** Jaliya_ joined #apache-axis
>>>>[09:24]<Chinthaka__> helllooooooooooooo
>>>>[09:25]<Ajith> yeah
>>>>[09:25]<Chinthaka__> oki, i was disconnected
>>>>[09:25]<dims> Ajith: do we have some DOM wrapper stuff already?
>>>>[09:25]<Chinthaka__> nop
>>>>[09:25]<Ajith> nope
>>>>[09:25]<Chinthaka__> I don't think its required now
>>>>[09:25]<Ajith> not yet
>>>>[09:26]<dims> ok. just curious.
>>>>[09:26]<Chinthaka__> I started that sometime back
>>>>[09:26]<Chinthaka__> but stopped for the time being
>>>>[09:26]<Ajith> dims : god thing that you are here
>>>>[09:26]<Ajith> :)
>>>>[09:26]<dims> may not be here for long :(
>>>>[09:27]<dims> i got the omdiagrams from ashu...
>>>>[09:27]<Chinthaka__> ok
>>>>[09:27]<Chinthaka__> I saw the mails
>>>>[09:27]  *** chathurah joined #apache-axis
>>>>[09:28]<Chinthaka__> well Dims, I want them to put in some OM docs
>>>>[09:28]<dims> hang on
>>>>[09:28]  *** Deepal joined #apache-axis
>>>>[09:29]  *** Chinthaka___ joined #apache-axis
>>>>[09:29]  *** Chinthaka joined #apache-axis
>>>>[09:30]<Chinthaka___> helllo we have some connection problems here
>>>>[09:30]  *** Jaliya__ joined #apache-axis
>>>>[09:30]<Deepal> ADSL ?
>>>>[09:31]<Chinthaka___> yeah
>>>>[09:32]<Chinthaka___> well, can all of you please review the site
>>>>[09:32]  *** Chinthaka_ quit FreeNode : Read error: 60 (Operation
> timed
>>>>[09:32]  *** Jaliya quit FreeNode : Operation timed out
>>>>[09:32]<Chinthaka___> and lets put the documents also there
>>>>[09:32]<Chinthaka___> so that we have a site by the time we release
>>>>[09:33]  *** chathura_ joined #apache-axis
>>>>[09:33]<Ajith> hey you guys having difficulty with the connection ?
>>>>[09:33]<Jaliya__> may be the software
>>>>[09:33]<chathura_> not the conection i suppose
>>>>[09:36]<farhaan> inorder to have the site up and running shouldn't the
>>>>project be allocated some space on the server ?
>>>>[09:36]<Chinthaka> yes, I think
>>>>[09:37]<Chinthaka> well, Dims what do u think abt this ?
>>>>[09:37]<Jaliya__> I think we are getting the space from the CVS
>>>>[09:37]<Jaliya__> I mean under ws-site
>>>>[09:39]<Chinthaka> the site is being currently hosted in my poor
>>>>apache account :(
>>>>[09:41]<Chinthaka___> thankx dims
>>>>[09:41]<dims> Let's keep the site off-line till we release m1. we can
>>>>announce the site url with the m1 announcement.
>>>>[09:41]<farhaan> is that a permanent location for the axis2 site ?
>>>>[09:41]<dims> it's the same apache server instance service both :)
>>>>[09:42]<Chinthaka___> farhaan, it has the om images I requested
>>>>[09:42]<dims> farhaan: no these are the images
>>>>[09:42]<dims> Chinthaka: can you please make a copy before i lose it
> again
>>>>[09:42]  *** chathura quit FreeNode : Read error: 113 (No route to
> host)
>>>>[09:43]<Chinthaka___> already done :)
>>>>[09:44]<Chinthaka___> so dims, then lets keep the axis 2 site, where
>>>>it is now and host it when we release M1
>>>>[09:45]<Chinthaka___> so shall we try to make those docs available by
>>>>next week ?
>>>>[09:45]<Chinthaka___> and till then others can review
>>>>[09:45]<Chinthaka___> DIms, what are the docs we require ?
>>>>[09:46]<Chinthaka___> we are preparing archi guide and user's guide
>>>>which includes installation guide and samples
>>>>[09:47]  *** Chinthaka__ quit FreeNode : Read error: 113 (No route to
>>>>[09:48]  *** Jaliya_ quit FreeNode : Read error: 113 (No route to
> host)
>>>>[09:48]<farhaan> dims:so i guess you would allocate some space for the
>>>>site atleast before the 10th , if we are to make the release on the
>>>>[09:48]<dims> Chintaka: sounds good.
>>>>[09:48]<dims> farhaan: consider it already allocated :)
>>>>[09:48]  *** chathurah quit FreeNode : Read error: 113 (No route to
> host)
>>>>[09:49]<farhaan> dims: okay :) we are well on course then
>>>>[09:49]<farhaan> by the way
>>>>[09:50]<farhaan> do you foresee any problems with a M1 release on the
>>>>[09:52]<dims> am yet to review code etc...
>>>>[09:52]<dims> need a few days (maybe weekend)
>>>>[09:52]<dims> do we know who's our competition?
>>>>[09:54]<Jaliya__> sistinet?
>>>>[09:54]<Chinthaka> ActiveSOAP
>>>>[09:54]<Jaliya__> sorry, systinet?
>>>>[09:54]<Chinthaka> and Sanjiva was referring to some more
>>>>[09:55]  *** Deepal quit FreeNode : "Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster,
>>>>[10:01]<farhaan> sanjiva was very particular on getting people like
>>>>loghan (i think that was the name) who is implementing his own engine
>>>>interested in this and hence the need to produce something fast
>>>>[10:02]  *** Chinthaka___ quit FreeNode : "Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla
>>>>[10:03]<Chinthaka> seems like time is up
>>>>[10:03]<Chinthaka> can some one please post the log
>>>>[10:04]<Chinthaka> as I don't have the whole thing
>>>>[10:04]<Jaliya__> Bye All
>>>>[10:04]  *** Jaliya__ quit FreeNode : "Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla
>>>>[10:06]<farhaan> I know this was not too productive, but let's discuss
>>>>the M1 stuff in detail over the mailing list, bye now
>>>>[10:06]  *** farhaan left #apache-axis :
>>>>[10:08]<chathura_> can somone post the chat(ppl at sliit havent got
>>>>the complete chat)
>>>>[10:10]  *** lilantha left #apache-axis :
>>>>[10:11]  *** chathura_ left #apache-axis :
>>>>Ajith Ranabahu

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