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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: AXIS 1.2 Release Plan (Was: RE: Moving toward Axis 1.2 beta and release)
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2005 17:01:38 GMT
WAJSBERG Julien RD-BIZZ wrote:
> Davanum Srinivas a écrit :
>> Arent,
>> If u ask me, if we did not have to run the TCK's. each of the RC's are
>> a release by themselves. On the plus side, we've finally automated
>> running the TCK (starting from scratch on a box that has nothing on it
>> :). So things should improve from now on. Once folks get back from
>> their W3C meetings downunder, you should see a RC (the final one)
>> -- dims
> I think you should actually release something that don't look like 
> "beta" or "release candidate", it frightens some people.

they need to get over the fact that amount of support you get for RC 
versus release is the same (its the mail lists), and stability is 
relatively similar too. And in all situations, the first response to any 
bugrep is "have you tried CVS_HEAD"

An issue w/ Axis is that it has to pass the TCKs before a full release, 
to pass the relevant terms and conditions.


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