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From Ajith Ranabahu <>
Subject Re: [Axis] OM with attachments
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 10:17:56 GMT
Hi there,
Missed a lot of mail in the morning so forgive me if my answers come
late. Anyway here is what I think about this.

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004 15:41:32 +0600, Eran Chinthaka
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> Initially we had SOAPMessage mapping to the Document and SOAPEnvelope as the
> root element. But I have a small doubt of whether to keep the Document
> concept in OM or not.
IF we have to expose a *complete* xml infoset we would have to attach 
a document anyway.

> SOAPMessage is required to keep some info like xml version, encoding, and
> MIME attachments.
> We will use MTOM to support attachments heavily. And if we can use MTOM to
> support MIME attachments, fully, then we can remove Document concept. i.e.
> remove SOAPMessage. I think this can be done. So there won't be a need to
> have a separate attachments outside to envelope (but href can be there).
> MTOM will handle that.   
> I already removed the SOAPMessage and engine will get a reference to
> SOAPEnvelope, not to the SOAPMessage as earlier. And this SOAPEnvelope has
> info about version and encoding.> 
> But the Document concept is there, when we support the full XML infoset. We
> do not present this to user only if he is coming through the SOAP specific
> api. 
I see something conceptually cool here. that is the similarity between
the role of the document and the soapmessage.
As far as my knowledge is concerned the need for the Document object
in a XML object model is to hold the information of the XML document
which are *not* part of the root element. Hence whatever appears
outside the root element (or whatever is *permitted* outside the root
element such as PI's or DTD declarations) become parts of the document
Similar to this the most important content of a soap message would be
the enelope, (which is like the root element!) and whatever appears
outside the envelope (such as attachments) will be directly accessible
through the SOAPMessage . So what I see is a clear analogy between the
I'll cut this short and get to the point. If (?) we can add a
SOAPMessage object to our OM then we have a clear tally between the
object models

SOAPMessage -> implements Document
SOAPEnvelope -> implements Element

How does that sound like ? :)

Ajith Ranabahu

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